Report Violation of Service

Misrepresentation of services or identities on the Ologycrew platform is strictly prohibited. Instances of violating this policy may lead to immediate termination of platform access upon our findings, without the possibility of a second chance. Reporting a violation indicates the forfeiture of platform membership. Our company maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse.

Type of Violation
Type of Violation
Skills misrepresentation
Non-payment for service
Threatening behavior
Service not complete

We have a zero-tolerance policy. Any single violation of the following guidelines may lead to the immediate cancellation of an account, based on our findings.


Providing inaccurate descriptions, or presenting oneself or one’s services in a deceptive manner.


The service was provided by the crew, but the client failed to make payment.

Threatening behavior

Physical or verbal actions that cause harm or distress to another of member of the Ologycrew Platform.

Incomplete Service

Note: Crew



Privacy Violation ??