Frequently Asked Questions

Learn what OlogyCrew is all about

Is OlogyCrew a job site?

No, OlogyCrew is a TMS (Time Management System)

How does the free trial work?

The free trial lasts 1 month, during which you have full access to all the features.

How do I install OlogyCrew?

OlogyCrew is a web based software that can be accessed anywhere in the world from is fully responsive and can be accessed on your phone and tablet.

How long does it take to setup?

The setup time can be as little as 5 minutes depending on the number of services you provide.

Are ‘Users’ of OlogyCrew employees of OlogyCrew?

No, OlogyCrew does not employ any users of the system.

Do I need to be a company or LLC to use OlogyCrew?

No, you do not need to be a company or LLC to use the system. Create a profile and use OlogyCrew to better service your clients and customers.

Can I use the System with Google Calendar?

Yes, your profile calendar can sync and update your google calendar.

Can I post a resume?

No, OlogyCrew is not a job recruiting platform.

Can I receive payments on my profile?

No not yet, OlogyCrew is working on the best solution for its users. OlogyCrew takes nothing from its users revenue generated from the users profile. That belongs to you.

Is OlogyCrew guaranteeing its users performance, skills, duties or obligations set by the user profile or client scheduling on the system?

No, OlogyCrew is not responsible for any misrepresentation by any users or the users clients of the system.

Is OlogyCrew a job referral site?

No, OlogyCrew is a Time Management System for users to better manage their clients, customers or crews.

Can I hide my profile from public view?

AnswerYes, you can hide your profile from public view, and still have your clients find you by name and use the system.

Can I cancel my plan anytime I want to?

Yes, any user of the system can cancel their plan at any time. OlogyCrew would like you to keep your user profile, and use the system when you need it. See (QC) calendar.

Is OlogyCrew a member only website?

No, OlogyCrew is not a member only website. The users clients and customers do not need to join in order to search, schedule, or book an appointment.

Can OlogyCrew design a TMS specific to my company needs?

Yes, contact OlogyCrew with a simple email and one of our design team will be in contact with you and your team to design a perfect solution for you.


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