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OlogyCrew is a simple yet powerful booking and scheduling management tool

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Our automated booking tool is perfect for


Never miss another job because of missed opportunity. auto accept when you have availability


Yoga Classes, Personal Trainers, Health Clubs, Fitness Centers, Dance Instructors

Virtual Assistant

Individual professionals, Clinics, Doctors, Dentist, Consultants, Lawyers, Photographers

Personal Care

Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Cosmetology Centers, Tanning Studios, Barbershops

Home Care

Cleaning Services, Lawn Services, Home Improvement

Driver Service

Independent Contractors, Drivers, Car Care Centers

Insightful dashboard

OlogyCrew booking tool provides booking managers with a dashboard that summarizes all appointments and displays them in widgets, charts, and tables that allow checking the schedule performance with a 5 seconds glance.

Cartoon image of two work colleagues interacting with a large image of widgets and graphs and charts. Demonstrating How effective the dashboard is for getting to information on OlogyCrew
Cartoon image of a worker using OlogyCrew's step-by-step booking wizard. Making and appointment on OlogyCrew is a breeze.

Step-by-step booking wizard

OlogyCrew includes a classic step-by-step booking tool, implemented with a focus on smooth UX in a single-page-app style. Booking managers can easily pick services, providers, location, date and time, and select payment preferences to quickly schedule appointments in this easy-to-use tool.

Calendar view

Booking managers and service providers can track their appointments in a dynamic calendar view. The calendar can present appointments for monthly, weekly, daily and timeline view, and can be filtered by a number of different criteria.

Cartoon image of two co-workers interacting with a large calendar. Looking at the calendar view of OlogyCrew.
Cartoon image of a worker standing in front of a large booking widget, with all they need to search and book an appointment on OlogyCrew.

Search booking widget

OlogyCrew provides members with a search interface, where services and time slots will be suggested by one or more search criteria, such as preferred date, preferred time range, preferred service or category.


OlogyCrew is mobile responsive and fully functional. Members can enjoy the same features, on their mobile devices, that they have grown accustom to using in the desktop version the tool. See the full list of features.

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Cartoon illustration of a man standing interacting with a large mobile device selecting a date for booking on OlogyCrew.


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